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Contacting Entropic Remnants Photography

Entropic Remnants Photography is the product of photographer John W. Griggs.  This website and all work contained therein is the exclusive property of John W. Griggs and Copyright 2009-2016.  No photos may be used without the explicit permission of John W. Griggs.  All Rights Reserved.

Phone: 302-415-0330

City: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA

email: johngriggs@verizon.net

Although primarily working as an art photographer, I am available for select assignments.  I'm particularly adept at available light shooting and industrial photography; though I've also photographed sports, stage plays, concerts, weddings and other challenging venues.

A long time Nikon shooter, I've transitioned to the new "mirrorless" digital technology of Fujifilm X-mount cameras for their DSLR quality and reduced size and weight. Complementing the new bodies are a variety of excellent Fujinon lenses.   Mirrorless cameras allow for sophisticated photo/video/audio capabilities from the same camera body.

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